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Tutorial Plan

Textbook: Mandl, Franz and Shaw, Graham - Quantum Field Theory (2nd ed., 2010),
ISBN: 9780471496830

Chapters in Mandl and Shaw
2 Lagrangian field theory
3 Klein-Gordon field
4 Dirac field
5 Photons
6 S-matrix expansion
7 Feynman diagrams
8 QED at lowest order
(9)(Radiative corrections)
11 Gauge theories
13 Path integrals
(15)(Asymptotic freedom)
16 Weak interactions
17 Gauge theory of weak interactions
18 Spontaneous symmetry breaking
19 Standard electro-weak theory
Chapters in Schwartz
2 Lorentz transformations
5 Cross-sections
10 Spinors and Dirac equations
Additional topics
Group theory(join with Schwartz, Ch 2)
Heisenberg algebra (ladder operators)(join with KG-field)

Note: Four chapters in parentheses (9, 10, 14 & 15) — if there is time.

Supplementary reading:

  • "Classical Mechanics" by H. Goldstein, C. P. Poole, J. L. Safko (chapter 13)
  • "Quantum Theory and the Standard Model" by Matthew D. Schwartz (Cambridge University Press)
  • "Quantum Field Theory" by Mark Srednicki. (You can try a prepublication draft of this book on the author's webpage here. Note that the author follows different signature convention for the metric than one usually used in Mandl and Shaw.)
  • Another book for path integrals in QFT is "Field Theory: A Modern Primer" by Pierre Ramond, section 3.1, 3.2, 4.1.